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Griffin Business Enterprises, Inc. is the parent company of the diverse companies listed on this website.  Founded in 2018 the company is the brain-child of Timothy Griffin a longtime career musician and accountant who is expanding and drawing from his wealth of musical talents and business experience.


Timothy grew up in Ohio in a musical family in which his father played the harmonica and inspired all of his 11 children to play musical instruments.  Timothy displayed musical brilliance at an early age on the trumpet and saxophone and began playing in nightclubs even before entering high school.


He traveled the country with bands playing a variety of musical styles.  He later went on to college and obtained a bachelors degree in music education.  He also did his master’s studies in accounting & finance and worked in the accounting field for several fortune 500 companies before eventually starting his own consulting firm.


Timothy has also been heavily involved in the church as an ordained minister and spent many years in church music ministries as minister of music and as a musician playing the saxophone, flute, keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, and drums.  He also, spent five years as a public school choral music teacher, assembling outstanding choral music groups, gospel choirs and training voice students to obtain top ratings in school regional and state vocal competitions.


Timothy Griffin’s career path has been very unique and diverse and that is why Griffin Business Enterprises, Inc. is so unique and diverse. Click on the different businesses on the website and explore the diversity.

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