Accounting & Business Concepts

Accounting & Business Concepts is the first established business of Griffin Business Enterprises, Inc.  It was the initial accounting consulting firm that Timothy Griffin started immediately after deciding to leave the corporate accounting arena. Timothy viewed corporate accounting as too structured and too inflexible to engage in structural innovations and implementing new techniques to enhance timely problem solving and management reporting.  Thus Accounting & Business Concepts was born. In its inception it was a stand-alone corporation.

The term “Business Concepts”                                                      was merged with the accounting platform because the organization                                              engaged in providing additional business-related services that many                                                      of the major accounting firms were engaging in at the time such                                                        as management, marketing, and the implementation of computer                                            technologies for the purpose of streamlining company operations                                                      and increasing efficiencies of overall business management.

The diversity of Timothy’s accounting experience, played a major role in the business diversity of Griffin Business Enterprises, Inc.  As an accounting consultant, Timothy worked in a variety of accounting fields and business industries.

The accounting fields he has worked in include, auditing, financial accounting, cost/managerial accounting, property management accounting (also a licensed real estate agent) and accounting for non-profit organizations.  The industries he has worked in include manufacturing, services and a host of retail organizations.

Accounting & Business Concepts will handle the accounting functions of all the GBE, Inc. business as well as acting auditor of the non-profit organizations.  When the non-profit organizations exceed donations of $250,000.00 the annual audit will be required to be performed by an outside CPA firm.

P. O. Box 459 Wilmington, CA 90748

(424) 570-0025

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