Terry V. Williams    Foundation, Inc.

In honor and loving memory of professional virtuoso musician Terry V. Williams

Terry was an extremely talented musician, but he did not want his musical talent to defined who he was as a human being. His relationship with Jesus Christ is what defined him. He continuously demonstrated his humbleness and humility as a man because his main goal in life was to be pleasing to Christ.


As a saxophonist his talent matched that of many of the popular professional sax players of our time and exceeded the talents of many.  But he was not the type to seek after and chase fame and fortune.  He was content with living in what the Lord had provided for him.


To say that Terry was a virtuoso musician is an understatement.  He was a master on the sax and was multi-talented, playing many different instruments.  And not just in the sense of being able to play different instruments, he mastered them also.  Got a band? Need a guitar player, call Terry!  Need a bass player, call Terry! Need a keyboard player, call Terry!


Not only was Terry an outstanding musician, but he was a computer-wiz and made a living working in the computer technology field.  Finally, he was a crack recording studio engineer whom ran his own studio in his spare time.


Terry was interested in the well-being of disadvantaged and inner-city youth.  Not only those with musical talent but also those that excelled in academics.  Therefore, the focus and mission of the Terry V. Williams Foundation, Inc. will be to provide scholarships and financial aid to students entering into college in both the areas of music and academics.

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P. O. Box 459 Wilmington, CA 90748

(424) 570-0025

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